We are very excited to inform you that on Sunday May 7th the Fr8sense Portal will be replaced with the new P&O Ferrymasters Gateway. This Portal will therefore be shutdown at 9am CET on May 7th and the new Gateway will be available from 5pm CET. Below is a video outlining some of the features that will be available in the new Gateway and we will be providing more information nearer the changeover..

If you cannot see an image, click in the blank space below!

If you're an existing customer or supplier of P&O Ferrymasters, we will give you access to the Fr8Sense portal.
Our user-friendly web-based solution gives you real time information in a secure online environment which can be customised to improve usablity.
In our secured environment you will have access to:
    - Shipment Information
    - Electronic Invoicing
    - Uploading Proof of Deliveries
If you want to be registered for the Fr8Sense Portal, please email us at: Fr8sense@pofm.com